Hello Kitty Wrap Around Luggage Tag - Square Pink


Hello Kitty wrap around luggage tag has many uses despite the travel industry down 75%.  We can repurpose these luggage tags to other items that need to be properly identified.  I took a picture with my Hello Kitty in hot pink wrapped around my sewing machine case handle.  It makes Identification quick. Your personal information is on the inside of the strap.   I think it would also be a cute way to label backpacks, golf equipment, musical instruments, baby strollers, walkers and wheelchairs.  

Made with cotton, heavy vinyl, webbing and denier fabric, this luggage tag is held in place with two inch Velco that does not let go!  Plus I also have a black elastic band for a second level of attachment.  Believe me,  this strap is not going to unloosen.

I have several motifs to choose from such as Asian inspired and Hawaiian.  Please come back to check out the recent additions.  Thanks