Handcrafted Vintage Silk Kimono Handbag - Blue Garden


This purse has a vintage kimono silk front flap that is machine quilted to emphasize the kimono design.  The main fabric is unique with a textured chenille surface that is soft and wonderful to feel.  The dynamics of the two fabrics are tied together with the dark blue braid outlining the curvy design.  The purse flap is held in place with a strong snap but there is also a zipper installed to close the purse.  The front of the body of the purse has a pocket with a snap and is hidden by the flap.  The back of the purse also has a pocket with a kimono accent band.  Another snap secures this pocket as well.  This is a great place to keep your cell phone handy.  Inside the lined purse there is a lined pocket with another kimono accent band.  A genuine crafted black leather handle is attached at the sides of the purse.  Six purse feet keep this purse off the ground also a removable purse insert at the bottom means no sagging bottom.  This purse has plenty of stabilizers and interfacing  which gives it stand alone stability.  This purse will appeal to the purse collector who enjoys unique handcrafted design and construction.  


Vintage Silk Kimono:  Kyoto, Japan

Design/Construction:  Redondo Beach, CA