Lucky Cat


This iconic Lucky Cat in Japan symbolizes good luck, prosperity, and wealth.  Often found in businesses like a restaurant, if the cat’s left paw is raised it is a welcoming gesture for customers.  If the right paw is raised, it means to welcome money.    

Two styles of masks are available.  Contour and 3D styles.  Both have three layers of premium cotton fabric and meticulously made for comfort and style.  Many comments have been made that this is the only mask their toddler will wear and the smallest sized mask with the variety of fabric choices and with a great fit.  The contour style mask comes in Toddler, Preschool and Child.  Smaller sizes 1-4 have nose piece omitted.

The 3D mask is shaped to cup the face comfortably.  The top of the mask has an adjustable sewn in plastic nose piece for Sizes 5 and up.  The double rows of horizontal stitching create a soft structured nose/mouth "box" that allows for breathing without billowing of the mask.  Three layers of 100% premium cotton fabrics, soft tubular ear wrap around, silicone adjusters.  This is a tailored mask with small details to enhance comfort and wear.   Machine wash and dry.

The masks have a sizing chart to take away the guess work of what will best fit.  There are just too many shapes and sizes of faces for each age group and gender.

Choose your size based on measurements taken from the nose bridge ,down the nose and mouth, and stopping just under the chin area.   This should help you select the best fitting mask.  Measurements are approximate and close to the values.  View the sizing chart which lists measurements  by height first followed by width.  H x W.

Size adjustments:  One of the reasons why I like this mask is the easy adjustment you can make on the mask so that the height of the mask ( nose bridge to under the chin) can be made smaller with a simple stitch and easily removed.   Please contact me for information on how to do this.   

Masks are individually packaged.  Ready for gift giving.  No exchanges or refunds for sanitary concerns.

All masks are made to order.  Special orders welcome.  Lead time varies.