Blue Garden/Silver Chain


Vintage silk kimono featuring a meditative garden against a blue background.   Quilted black velvet lower half.  Sturdy chain measures 47” for a cross body or double up the chain for a 23” shoulder bag.  Inside zippered pocket.  Durable waterproof lining.  Zippered purse closure at the top of purse.  
Size: 11” at the top, 7” tall, 3” wide gusset.   Main design and fabrics will be similar.  Designer reserves the right to make small changes to interior colors.  

Size Description:  This purse has been designed to hold all basic necessities for an evening out.  The gusset at the bottom easily fits large phones at the bottom of the purse taking up only 1/2 inch of interior space.   There is also room for a wallet, glasses, keys, and a few cosmetics.

Packaging: Included with the purse a natural reusable cotton drawstring bag used as attractive gift bag for a nice presentation.  Using this bag while not in use will keep it dust and dirt free during storage.  For shipping we also put the purse into a sealed cellophane bag and wrap with tissue paper before placing it into the shipping box.

Gifts:  Upon request we can also put a bow on the drawstring bag and ship directly to your person of choice.  A gift card will be signed with your name.  

This purse has been sold and another is being created.