Hello - Aloha - Konnichi wa

These greetings are representative of the three cultures I grew up with.  I am a 4th generation Japanese American from Honolulu, Hawaii..  Spending my infancy in Hawaii,  my parents would drop us off at Ala Moana Beach for a day of sun and fun with a picnic basket.  That didn’t last long because my dad’s schooling relocated us to the Los Angeles area were I grew up.  

I lived up and down California spending time in San Diego, Sacramento and Campbell and now Redondo Beach.  Graduating from San Jose State University with a degree in microbiology/chemistry.  I worked for a major biopharmaceutical firm before going into renovating apartments and property management.  

Kona, Hawaii is where I spent a magical 11 days on vacation.  Everything was perfect....the feeling of swaying in a sling under a coconut tree while the biggest full moon I ever saw with sparkling stars were high above.   Add the warmth of the sun, hospitality of the people, and the mystical nature of being on sacred Hawaiian grounds creates a memory that one will never forget.  To honor this memory I named my store Kona Moon.  

My items are constructed with meticulous care ( which is why I liked analytical chemistry)  and designs that are timeless.   I take a lot of pride in my work and is backed with a guarantee that you are satisfied with your purchase.  

With this in mind, I try to create things that spark enjoyment for me and hope that it sparks something inside of you too.

Kona Moon

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